Two frogs and a bunny

Yesterday at the spit I heard a loud ‘grok’. I didn’t know what it was, and at first thought it may have been an alarm call from a Black-crowned night heron and I had gotten too close to its nest. But they nest high in the trees and probably aren’t too fussed by what is happening 30-40 feet below. Then another ‘grok’, and another, louder and obviously in front of me, not behind me.

I finally located the source – at the edge of the pond were at least five American bullfrogs, calling back and forth to one another. They call this a ‘chorus’.

Here is one relaxed . . .

. . . and about half ‘puffed up’

Three weeks earlier I had seen something tiny hopping on the trail. I thought it was some sort of insect, possibly a cricket, until I took a closer look – it was a baby American toad.

To give you an idea of how small it was, here it is (in red – it was a bit difficult to pick out on the gravel) next to a common, and not that big itself, snail.

Finally, a very young Cottontail rabbit, aka a ‘bunny’